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mr.sci.dr.Ivan Kosanić

About us


Anti-aging medicine, as the finest branch of medicine, shows extraordinary results and dazzling success. In this demanding area of medical treatment a growing number of practitioners opts for a small office characterized by harmony and trust between patients and doctors.


Our patients have high esthetic standards and we meet them. The modern way of life requires from men and women, especially in business environment, to look good, groomed and eternally young, and it is exactly what the anti-aging medicine provides.


The beauty makes an initial impression, no matter how hard we are trying to deny its precedence.

Working very close with my patients we mold together their needs.


Right after graduating from the university, I became aware of the attractiveness and special quality of the anti-aging medical practice. Owing to fast-developing and constantly improving knowledge and technologies in this area, I pursued further education while working as an anti-aging doctor. In search of the best educative programs, I met here in Serbia, but also abroad, many renowned anti-aging practitioners.

Multi-disciplinary character of anti-aging medicine thus brought together the team of versatile expertise in Esthetic Style Center. I also proudly point out the extraordinary results we have in esthetic dentistry.

Doctor Ivan Kosanić (MMSc), specialist in advanced technique of non-surgical face-lifting (use of cannulas, mezonite, and factors of growth in face rejuvenation), is active in scientific research activities and so far he has published 16 scientific papers and presented them at national and foreign congresses and symposiums on oral surgery and implantology. Our congresses, seminars and educative events always involve participation of eminent lecturers, thus enabling our team to expand their knowledge, but also to disseminate it to other anti-ageing centers, in Paris, London, Milan, New York...


In addition to variety of novelties and actions, our Centre is also trying to find for our patients the best quality and the most safe products and services, that is, to identify the best on the market for them.


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Stomatološka ordinacija Estetika Plus, Dr Ivan Kosanić, spec. oralne hirurgije.
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