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Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in every human body, primarily in skin, and accounts for its youthful, fresh and healthy look. Its amount decreases by aging, but we can replace it with hyaluronic fillers and thus correct fine lines and deep wrinkles and hydrate the skin.

Hyaluronic filler is a hyaluronic acid in gel form, which is injected into the skin with fine needles.

The rejuvenation treatment with hyaluronic filler is painless, the procedure lasts for approximately half an hour, and its benefits are visible for over a year, depending on the area of treatment and type of hyaluron.



· Smoothing the deep wrinkles by injecting the hyaluronic filler directly into wrinkles:


    - Wrinkles on forehead and nasal root
    - Wrinkles around eyes

    - Wrinkles around lips
    - Nasolabial folds


· Lip augmentation, hydration of lips, correction of lip asymmetry

· Wrinkle prevention and maintenance of skin hydro-balance

· Non-surgical face-lifting

· Nose line correction

· Cheek and cheekbone contouring

· Smoothing the tear through and correcting under-eye dark circles and bags

· Rejuvenation of skin on hands

· Rejuvenation of chest skin

· Scar removal

Hyaluronic filler has become one of the safest injectable fillers because it is natural, does not cause allergies, and benefits are quickly visible. We use fillers made by renowned world producers only.

If you want to restore a youthful face skin volume, to enhance your lips, improve face contours and diminish wrinkles and folds, hyaluronic filler might be the right solution for you!