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Mesotherapy is a very effective procedure, widely used for esthetic purposes, in rheumatology and for pain treatment. In 1987 the French Academy of Science included mesotherapy in official medical disciplines.


A cocktail of different active substances (anti-oxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, nucleic acids...) is applied to the middle layer of skin, mesoderm.


The result of mesotherapy combines in itself the pharmacological effect of the applied substances and mechanical stimulation of skin by microneedles.


Depending on the problem to be solved, the composition of the cocktail is determined for each individual patient and then injected with very fine needles.


Mesotherapy intensively hydrates the skin and increases the level of collagen, thus leading to better-toned skin and less visible wrinkles, which significantly slows down the aging process, while giving the skin fresh, firm and youthful look.


Advantages of mesotherapy: simple and painless procedure, excellent results, and there is no interruption of patient’s daily routine after the treatment!