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Silhouette Soft threads






We are introducing to you the treatment with a new generation of threads, which offers an adequate option for removal of early aging effects on face and neck, without need to undergo surgical intervention. This non-surgical face-lift procedure is the only adequate alternative to surgical one.

Completely natural, rejuvenated face and neck appearance is achieved by introduction of specially designed threads under the skin, which makes them quite different from the mezonite which has been used so far


It has become very popular in the centers of movie-making industry as a prestigious method of beauty and glamour. The thread itself is made of polylactic acid, which has been used for many years now for surgical interventions ‘from hip to hart’. It consists of resorbable thread with the resorptive bidirectional cones and as such provides a double effect.


Effect of skin-lift, provided by cones attached to the thread that penetrate deep into the tissue and strongly pull the skin upward, opposite of gravity direction. The benefit is visible immediately after the treatment.

Effect of regeneration comes gradually, by resorption of polylactic acid that constitutes the thread, thus stimulating the deeper layers of skin.

Polylactic acid remains in body long enough to induce formation of new collagen, and also transition of immature into mature collagen. All these reactions lead to restored freshness and volume, additional firming and improved skin texture. Silhouette Soft threads can be used for treatment of different face parts and in different esthetic interventions:


 - complete face-lift in the mid-face area
 - restoring the face contours in the lower area (jaw line)
 - restoring the freshness and plumpness of cheeks
 - smoothing the nasolabial folds
 - smoothing the marionette lines
 - lifting the eyebrows
 - firming the neck skin


Silhouette Soft treatment is carried out by doctor, and it is done under local anesthesia applied at entry and exit points, which makes the intervention pain-free and comfortable. The whole procedure takes less than a full hour.

The thread is gently inserted under the skin, and as insertion progresses, the described cones attach to the subcutaneous tissue. At the end, slight pressure is applied and the thread is pulled, which results in skin-lifting. The excess thread is then removed.


In the first week after the treatment, a slight pain can occur (not in all patients), but it disappears after taking paracetamol or Brufen. Very rarely a minor swelling is also possible, which also goes away shortly.








Antiaging medicine improves almost on a daily basis its methods of rejuvenation and toning of the skin on the face and body. Experts are unanimous in concluding that the furthest advance has been achieved with 3D mesonites. What can be accomplished with 3D mesothreads is truly revolutionary and astonishing.


Mesothreads are degradable fibers which are injected under the skin with the help of a needle. These fibers form a sort of net of threads around which the body produces new collagen. Thanks to the flexibility of an extremely thin and soft needle, extraordinary accuracy is achieved in all skin layers and in all directions. The material that makes up the threads – polydioxannone – completely degrades after approximately 6 months upon being injected.


Mesothreads of high resistance form a strong net which supports the tissues. It is important to mention that the physiognomy of the face does not change and that in the place of resorbed threads a net of newly formed collagen fibers stays after, without causing any damage to the microcirculation and vascularization of the tissue.


Mesothreads are used to lift and firm skin, to re-shape the face and to smooth wrinkles (areas around the eyes, cheeks, under the chin, neck, chest). Aside from skin of the face, mesonites are also used for toning and firming of skin of other parts of the body (inner and outer thighs, stomach, upper part of arm, knees, gluteus, buttocks).


This unique, innovative rejuvenating technique is practically painless, doesn’t leave any scarring, hematomas and it is very comfortable. Depending on the area that is being treated, about 30 minutes need to pass before a patient can continue with his/her regular activities.


The result achieved with mesothreads is noticeable after 2 months and lasts for up to 2 years, depending on the number of conducted treatments and the initial state of the patient’s skin.


It is not recommended during pregnancy, with any blood disorders and systematic illnesses, or for those whose skin is prone to keloidal scarring.


It is recommended to avoid exposures to the sunlight for up to a week after the treatment, as well as warm baths, tanning beds and saunas.


We recommend this truly unique method which is a real hit in the world of show business.


Results are fascinating.