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Care of a modern business man


We live in a civilization of success and nothing can hold us back. The role of a modern man is in perfect harmony with new challenges at work and in society. The media gives us daily doses of groomed, styled and successful men who radiate self-confidence. It is exactly this type of modern man that the Esthetic Style Centre is catering to.


One visit to the world of anti-aging medicine and a consultation with our specialists is enough. We can suggest treatments and procedures which give amazing results and reshape your face and body. Methods are non-invasive, gentle and allow you to continue on with your normal routine straight away. Contact us and make an appointment for a session we will dedicate only to you.


Tighten and freshen up the skin on your face and body, eliminate wrinkles, get rid of fat deposits, remove any annoying asymmetry, correct the line of your nose and cheek bones, raise the outside angles of your lips, and with the help of advanced techniques of non-surgical face-lifting, our physician will solve even the most complex and demanding esthetic problem.


We offer many opportunities for esthetic improvement, all of which are regularly used by men in achieving professional and personal success.