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Lip enhancement and correction

It is one of the frequently asked interventions as it gives face a special visual effect.

The procedure requires local anesthesia and it is pain-free. You will get the desired shape of lips in just 15-30 min. The lips will be sensual, attractive, naturally enhanced and significantly rejuvenated.


And not only that!


In addition to volume enhancement, it is also possible to lift the lip corners, correct the asymmetry of lips, accentuate the lip contours and to remove fine lines around lips.

The possible side effects after the treatment are mild swelling and redness, but only for a few days.

The desired effect lasts for 4-12 months, which depends on each individual case and various factors.

The advantage of hyaluronic acid fillers is that one can afterwards change the shape and volume again, but also restore the initial look of lips. Only fillers of renowned world producers are used.


Call us to make an appointment and to achieve together the BEAUTY of your lips.