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Zimska Mezoterapija

Zimska akcija

Winter mesotherapy



This method is a combination of chemical peeling and mesotherapy, it hes been developed in the Esthetic Style Center by our anti-aging doctors as the finest product of their expertise and talent.


During the winter, skin is most exposed to adverse effects of cold, wind and dry indoor air, which all leave marks on it in the form of redness, tightness and cracks.


Our skin can be helped by intensified protection and hydration, which is achieved through adequate chemical peeling and mesotherapy.


Adequately selected chemical peeling (in accordance with one’s skin type) by which we start the treatment will improve the quality and structure of the skin and restore its health in a natural way.


Hydrated and smooth face and chest skin, without wrinkles, blemishes and scars, is an immediate and amazing result.


After this medical procedure comes the mesotherapy, a completely painless method of injecting different active substances in the form of a cocktail into the middle skin layer, mesoderm. Pharmacological effect of the applied substances and mechanical stimulation of skin by microneedles produce that irreplaceable effect: the level of collagen increases and improves the skin’s tone and elasticity. The skin gains fresh and youthful look.


Your new radiant look is a result of WINTER MESOTHERAPY.


Award yourself with a gift of treatment that will provide your face with necessary protection during cold wintertime!